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Non-Profit Service offering diabetes and medication counseling to all whom need advice with medication usage and knowledge in diabetes. 

501 c-3 Non-Profit

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David Kitley, RPH

I am a registered pharmacist. I have worked in the retail part of pharmacy for 35 years. I have a bachelor degree in pharmacy and obtained my Doctorate degree in pharmacy at University of Colorado Pharmacy School in May 2021. I have acquired training in diabetes education and I am seeking to become a certified diabetes counselor after attaining the required hours for certification. 

I have learned much from a local diabetes counselor and the VA clinic in Colorado Springs. 

Colorado University has extended my medication knowledge allowing me to apply evidence-based medication knowledge used in many disease states. 

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Services Offered

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Diabetes Knowledge For

  • A1C, plasma blood glucose and other measurements

  • Non-diabetics interested in diabetes

  • Prediabetes

  • Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

  • Gestational diabetes

  • Am I at risk?

  • How can I prevent diabetes?

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Medication knowledge and use, oral and injectable (insulin)

  • Blood glucose monitoring importance and use

  • Continuous blood glucose monitoring (CGM)

  • Insulin pump knowledge, use and help

Medication Knowledge For

  • Medications used in a disease state

  • Best medication choice for patients specifics 

  • Pharmacology knowledge

  • Adverse effects, warnings and contradictions

  • Drug to drug interactions

  • Medication proper use and storage

  • Evidence-based and guideline recommendations

  • Insurance help, preferred medication and costs

  • OTC use

  • Natural medications and remedy use


Counseling offered by:

Office visit-person to person

Phone call

Video conference through HIPPAVIDEO

Health Clinic visit

Know Your Medication

Greater your medication knowledge 

Greater your medication


Everyone is Welcome

4 Corners Diabetes and Medication Counseling offers services to all residents of the 4 corners region of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. Services are also offered to residents of the US and worldwide with video conferencing abilities depending on state and country regulations. 

4 Corners Diabetes and Medication Counseling is a non-profit organization offering services in diabetes and medication counseling. Everyone is welcome regardless of insurance or healthcare coverage. 



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